Dutch culinary art is terrifically by a long way influenced by the cultivation breed of the Netherlands and the country's yesteryear as a seafaring land. Fish and food (including cod, eel, herring, mackerel, mussels, oysters, plaice, salmon, sardines, soleidae, shrimp, fish and prickly pear cactus) are all eaten up in the Netherlands. Popular meats consider beef, poultry and meat.

The colonial then of the Netherlands has also had an opinion on the country's culinary art. The Dutch were involved in the Dutch East Indies (Dutch: Nederlands-Indië) - offering day Indonesia - for in the region of 250 years, and Indonesian culinary art has left a imperishable mark on the Dutch surface. Indonesian dishes such as Nasi Goreng (spicy food grain near hen or pork) have turn Dutch dishes too!

Here are several remaining uncultured Dutch dishes:

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- Balkenbrij - A liver pudding meat staff of life (Dutch: Leverworst) ready-made from pork, but containing adequate porc liver to have a characteristic liver-taste. The breadstuff is cut into slices about ½ linear unit (1 metric linear unit) broad which are then fried.

- Boerenkoolstamppot - A sweat made next to murphy and dough. It is served with gravy and rookwurst (Dutch fiery sausage).

- Hete bliksem - Boiled potatoes and recreational area apples, beside stroop (syrup) or diced fleck (juniper-flavored dry-cured ham).

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- Hutspot - A old-fashioned swither made exploitation cooked and mashed potatoes next to carrots and onions.

- Stamppot rauwe andijvie - Raw herbaceous plant (a modification of chicory) mashed into potatoes, and served near diced and cooked fleck (juniper-flavored dry-cured ham).

- Zuurkoolstamppot - Sauerkraut (pickled chou) with mashed potatoes. served near meat or bacon, and sometimes seasoned with curry powder, raisins or ananas comosus.

Popular Dutch desserts include:

- Appeltaart - Apple pie. In the Netherlands, apple pies generally encompass cinnamon, lemon and raisins, and have a lattice-style superior and icing.

- Oliebollen - The Dutch interpretation of donuts ready-made by deep-frying dough, allowing it to air-cooled and rise, and pall with pulverised refined sugar. They are devoured at fairs, and during the Christmas period, particularly about New Year.

- Spekkoek - A highly flush and tasty Dutch-Indonesian pastry made from many another layers of pastry dough.

- Stroopwafel - Two coccoid waffle-like wafers with a caramel stuff relating them.

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