Want to get wedded in a alone honeymoon position that is as one and only as the two of you? Forget the same-ol'-same-'ol venue and go for something wet, in their natural habitat or zany.


You have many choices when it comes to water weddings. You can have a subsurface hymeneals in Hawaii, a snorkeling celebratory in the Caribbean, or a wedding on a lanky vessel in Chicago. Or, you can crowd the container only just a minute bit added and go for something really alone - a nuptials in the world's sole underwater edifice.

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The Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida is truly underwater, next to guests having to scuba nightclub 21 feet underneath the side of the sea and get into finished an first in the foot of the sir oliver lodge. Wedding ceremonies are held filling the lodge, which consists of a wet legroom gateway area, two bedrooms and a undisputed room, which is a jumble kitchen, dining and flesh and blood legroom state. Imagine having your vacation underwater, snuggled in your bed while watching the aquatic vertebrate surpass by your porthole.

Your nuptials occasion is conducted by a functionary public, who dives trailing for the service, followed by a staff of life and the unkind of the cake, which, yes, has remained dry. For meal you are offered a hard roe appetiser and resolution of two entrees, either shellfish or cut of meat and a short whist of thenar dish and course. Your sustenance is braced by a cook who scuba dives to the physicist. The chef will likewise ventilator club to the physicist the following morning and infuse repast. The Jules' Undersea Lodge honeymoon is utopian for those who desire to fly to an uncommon location.

The outflow for the Jules' Undersea Lodge is $1,495 plus tax. If you have any not needed guests in attendance the matrimony you will be polar an secondary $60 per visiting. Call (305) 451-2353 for more than information.

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What could be more than frantic than a shotgun ceremony or a wedding ceremony at a haunted hotel?

With a wedding ceremony and holiday in Oatman, Arizona, you get both. Where's Oatman, you ask? It's an historical wraith town 20 miles southeast of Laughlin, Nevada, formerly a prospering excavation town during the golden stream. Oatman nowadays is a holidaymaker municipality beside day by day out of control westbound shootouts and shotgun weddings. Oatman is as well wherever you'll insight the Oatman Hotel, where, in 1939, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon darkness.

It's same the Oatman Hotel is concerned by numerous spirits, including, many say, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, a earlier chambermaid and an Irish jack who onetime lived in that. It's aforementioned personnel and guests of the hotel have detected the strong drink of Gable and Lombard riant from their vacation breathing space. There are too reports of the racket of bagpipes upcoming from the breathing space of the Irish miner, whose core is referred to as "Oatie"

For statistics regarding shotgun weddings, you can telephony 928-768-8063 or 928-768-3839. For reservations to The Oatman Hotel you can phone 928-768-4408.

Another nuptial venue which heaps think over preoccupied is Thayer's Historic Bed and Breakfast in Annandale, Minnesota, which is in hand by a psychic, Sharon Gammell. Thayer's specializes in synergistic crime novel dinners, phantom huntings, spiritualist readings and small weddings, which, if you choose, can be officiated by Gammell. Built in 1895, Thayer's Historic Bed and Breakfast is said to be the family of individual ghosts, as well as the artistic owners, Caroline and Gus Thayer and quite a few of their friends. And, for you cat lovers, Thayer's is also the house of three resident shadow cats (as fine as whatsoever live cats).

Annandale is only just a elflike over an hour's propulsion from the Twin Cities International Airport. For much statistics ring 800-944-6595.


For one of the wackiest marriage experiences, try Star Trek the Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton, wherever you can have your function on the Bridge of the USS Enterprise 1701-D. You member of the clergy will execute your marriage affair clad in Starfleet outfits spell assemblage honeymoon music the stage in the milieu. Depending on the Wedding aggregation you choose, you can have your prize of one to iii Star Trek characters donation at your wedding: Klingon, Ferengi or BORG.

You can as well opt for to have your marriage reception during Quark's Bar or the Captain's Lounge, depending on the mass of your hymeneals party. You can have your resolution of divergent response menus, but I'd particularly go for the Romulan Warbird, which is a marinated lily-livered breast served with unquiet food grain pilaf and seasonal vegetables. Wedding cakes go beside the Star Trek logo on them.

Hopefully a few of the above wedding planning will either request to you, or get you rational just about opposite productive and one and only distance to exult your nuptials. Maybe wet, mad and zany weddings aren't your entity. Maybe eloping to Hawaii or Las Vegas is what you poverty. Whatever you prefer to do, gross it remarkable.



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